How To Have Your Entryway Make a Positive Effect On Your Potential Buyers

2.21.144Your entryway is going to need to be perfect if you want to sell your home. The entryway is, after all, the buyers first impression of your home (besides the curb appeal when they first walk up to the house). That being said, you shouldn’t empty your bank account freshening up your entryway. You can use things that you have from your home, and add a fresh coat of paint. You’ll need to put a little TLC into this project, but it won’t take too long, and you don’t have to go broke doing it. Below are some ways that you can improve your entryway all by yourself.

The first major improvement you can do is add pretty flowers. Orchids are a wonderful choice, as are hydrangeas or roses. The important thing is that the flowers be fresh. Don’t ever let a buyer see dead or wilting flowers when they walk in. Better to have no flowers, than stinky, old ones! Make sure the water in the vase is clean. Double check to make sure that the flowers in your front yard aren’t dying either. Dead flowers are a sign of neglect, and laziness. You don’t want buyers to think you don’t take care of your house. Look to your neighbors’ yards if you are wondering how to landscape yours. You don’t want your home to stick out like a sore thumb. If your neighbors yards are immaculate, yours should look the same, for example. Are any patches of your grass dying? Add more.

Your entryway should be painted in a neutral color. You want your entryway to make a statement, but not a bad statement. If the color on the entry walls is bright or bold, it will have an opposite effect. The buyer won’t be able to look at the room, but will instead be focusing on the outrageous paint color…and not in a good way!

If the floors are in bad shape, you need to have them re-done. If the entryway has carpet, it should be pulled up immediately. Buyers don’t want carpet in an entryway. After all, the entryway floors are some of the dirtiest in the house, as you are tracking everything outside into the house. It’s likely that you do have hardwood floors underneath the carpet. It won’t take too long to pull them up, and you typically can do that project on your own.

Mirrors make a huge difference! They can make a room appear much, much larger than it actually is. It’s based on psychology. This only works, if you put a mirror the right size, that is scaled to the room. You don’t want to have a small mirror in a huge entryway, as it will have the opposite effect, and will also just look plain odd.

If your’e lucky enough to have a half-bath near the entryway, make it look nice. Add fresh hand towels, re-paint the room if needed; especially if the bathroom is wall-papered. No buyer likes wallpaper, as it is usually based on the current buyers taste. Wallpaper is a very personal choice. For further reading, see: Foyer Decorating Ideas – Design Pictures of Foyers, as well as: Entryway Ideas – How to Decorate Your Entryway.

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  1. Hi Tracy!

    Very good question. That question would depend on the size of your entryway. Generally, its best to use large mirrors either way since if the entryway is small, it will make it appear larger. And, if the entryway is large, it will make it appear even larger. Shop around, there are some great deals! The mirror doesn’t have to look expensive, there are plenty of cheap places that you can find a mirror that looks expensive even if it is not.

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